Sunday - Thursday 12-22
Friday - Saturday 12-24


Adelgade 5-7, Copenhagen, 1304

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We recommend bigger parties to contact us at reflections@generatorhostels.com

If you don't already have a reservation, pop by and we will find a time slot for you. Reservations are on a first come, first served basis.

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Reflections encapsulates the frozen wilderness & explores the beauty of a material forged by nature herself - ice of unparalleled beauty harvested from Torne River in Jukkasjärvi, an incredible 200 km north of the Arctic circle in Northern Sweden.

At Reflections Ice Bar Copenhagen - Denmark’s only permanently open ice bar - step into a meticulously sculpted environment and be greeted with crisp air, a unique and quirky interior, and artistic light design.

We run up till 45 minute time slots - and don't worry - you will be given a winter jacket to keep you warm and looking cool during your visit. The entry fee includes a cocktail in a give away “kåsa” and a shot in your own personal glass made of the purest ice.

Not forgetting our younger clientele, children are welcome, and we have a special beverage just for them.

You can find us just off Kings Square, attracting both our city visitors and locals looking for a slice of the Arctic North in downtown Copenhagen. 

You can book a combined ICEBAR & DINE package to head upstairs to our restaurant and enjoy our #OMG meal serving 4 different low tempered BBQ cuts of delicious brisket, ribs, chicken and chorizo. You'll also be spoilt with up to 5 sides for 4-5 people or any other tempting offering from our a la carte menu.

Once a year the entire venue will refresh and completely transform with a new theme and layout - all by a team of skilled ice designers and sculptors.

Our current theme has one of the best perspectives you'll find in Scandinavia: 
Northern Most Attitude - showcasing the best music by strong, proud Nordic female artists. 

And now you know, when you think of "where to drink in Copenhagen", "where to have a night out in Copenhagen" or "where can I find a cool bar in Copenhagen?" - head straight to the Reflections, IceBar Copenhagen. 


Email: reflections@generatorhostels.com
Phone: +45 7877 5400
Address: Adelgade 5-7, Copenhagen, 1304

Generator CPH Ice Bar Feb 2017 _66_2836.jpg